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From: Steve Novak (
Date: 03 Apr 2005

Re-reading both my own answer and Bill¹s comment (below) and now reading miker¹s comment leads only to the evidence that concepts like noir/dark//graphic novel/comics//violence/sex...etc...have VERY different meanings for different reviewers...and I don¹t even know where to go from there...but my own ID card...

In my eyes a level of authentic harshness/toughness is found in film like Aguirre/some magnificent Œnoir¹ westerns like Wild Bunch/Bad Lieutenant/City of God/Captain Conan/the astonishing BBC series of J. Le Carr鹳 books/The Long Good Friday/Days of Heaven/Le Doulos/Woo¹s The Killer/The Grifters/Blade Runner...etc... In my eyes a level of authentic harshness/toughness is found in books like Hammett¹s/Vachss¹s/Manchette/Charyn/Derek Raymond/Fajardie/Arjouni/Whittfield/Willeford/Durenmatt/Handke/Diana Ramsay/some Auster/some TC Boyle/Dybeck...etc... In my eyes a level of authentic harshness/toughness is found in BD¹s
/Graphic Novels like Montellier/Miller-Darrow/the whole Hard Looks series from Vachss¹s/M series of Jon Muth/Tardi/Duveaux...etc...

Now, of course, we could debate until the bulls come home about what Œreal¹,
Œauthentic¹...mean to each rara-avian, and we could throw more fancy names to Œauthenticate¹ our definitions of the genres...and then the debate will spill inevitably into what we expect/desire/want from a film, a book, a BD/ a Œreader¹...and guns will fire between the Œentertainers¹ and the Œrealists¹...

This is only brought up to my mind since words like Mikey Spillane, Chinatown, comic-book, Sin City, Chinatown, Pulp Fiction...have been bundled together in several e-amils and it Œtalks¹ aplenty...and in my corner of darkness they do not belong to the same bag, and...lines of fire need to be drawn somewhere...

As Borgnine says about giving Œyour word¹ in The Wild Bunch: That ain¹t what counts, it¹s who you give it to!

Montois de D鴲oit

On 4/2/05 8:15 PM, "Michael Robison" <> wrote:

> Bill Crider wrote:
> I saw SIN CITY yesterday... I have a feeling that
> this is the kind of movie you'll either like a lot or
> not like at all. I liked it a lot.
> **********
> Oh yeah! Just saw it today. WAHOOO! Great movie.
> Loved it. The part that came after Bruce Willis's
> intro had Mickey Spillane written all over it. Very
> unrealistic, very satisfying.
> The wife hated it. She went to sleep. The daughter
> loved it. She mentioned that the lady parole officer
> had a S&W .357 model 60 just like hers.
> miker
> __________________________________
Filled with every clich頡vailable , every bombastic device available, all the graphix EFX that top $ can buy, siliconed and surgically implanted acting, Sin City is a very sad parody of both the very good BD it came from and any type of film noir, even Œmodern¹ ones ࠬa pulp fiction/reserv.dogs... To compare it to Chinatown, or Bad or would be quite astonishing to say the least...

Montois de D鴲oit

On 4/2/05 11:13 AM, "Bill Crider" <> wrote:

> Keith said: "Can you compare, contrast to either Reservoir Dogs or Pulp
> Fiction? Both pretty noir in terms of film genre. Though clearly not graphic
> comic derived."
> I'll have to leave that to people who know more about the movies than I do.
> SIN CITY obviously has a comic-book sensibility, but I'd say it was darker
> than PULP FICTION. There's a CHINATOWN influence, but it seemed to me to be
> darker than that movie, too.
> Bill Crider

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