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From: Steve Lewis (
Date: 28 Feb 2005

>Does anyone have a list of the Joe Gall series by Philip Atlee (James
>Atlee Phillips), with their series numbers and years of publication?
>I just picked up THE FER-DE-LANCE CONTRACT (#11, 1970) and THE DEATH BIRD
>CONTRACT (perhaps #5, 1966) and would like to put them and my others into
>THE DEATH BIRD CONTRACT has Chandler's encomium right on the front cover,
>beside a skull, a naked woman, a man shooting a gun, and a guy who seems
>to be falling through space: "I admire Philip Atlee's writing
>tremendously, the hard economy of style, the characterizations ..."


Philip Atlee was the pseudonym of mystery writer James Atlee Phillips. The Joe Gall books have come up for discussion on this list at least a few times. From my collection, I believe these are all First Printings, but for some reason, my records do not indicate the numbering of the books in the series itself, only the Gold Medal stock numbers. (The early ones were probably not numbered when they first came out. Later printings may have been.)

Corrections cheerfully accepted!



         Joe Gall series, all paperback originals published by Gold Medal

The Green Wound, k1321, July 1963 [reprinted as The Green Wound Contract, d1780, 1967.] The Silken Baroness, k1489, c.1964 [reprinted as The Silken Baroness Contract, d1702, 1967.] The Death Bird Contract, d1632, c. 1966 The Paper Pistol Contract, d1634, c. 1966 The Irish Beauty Contract, d1694, c. 1966 The Star Ruby Contract, d1770, c.1967 The Rockabye Contract, d1901; c.1968 The Skeleton Coast Contract, D1977, c.1968 The Ill Wind Contract, R2087, c. 1969 The Trembling Earth Contract, R2181, c. 1969 The Fer-de-Lance Contract, T2370, c. 1970, January 1971. The Canadian Bomber Contract, T2450, August 1971. The White Wolverine Contract, T2508, December 1971. The Kiwi Contract, T2530, February 1972. The Judah Lion Contract, T2608, September 1972. The Spice Route Contract, T2697, April 1973. The Shankill Road Contract, T2819, Septemer 1973. The Underground Cities Contract, M2925, February 1974. The Kowloon Contract, M3028, August 1974. The Black Venus Contract, M3187, February 1975. The Makassar Strait Contract, P3477, March 1976. The Last Domino Contract, 1-3587, c. 1976

PS. I've just checked the yahoo website, and I see that James has beaten me to this. (I get only the digest version.) I'll send my list along anyway, since I have a little more information on dates, and so on. Reying on the GM numbers, I see that I have the 3rd and 4th books reversed from the order in which he has them. They're so close in the GM numbering (if my numbers are correct) that perhaps they were published in the same month, as a jump start to the series.

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