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Date: 27 Feb 2005

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> G'day Richard,
> Let me know what you think when you've read the novel.
> I...ah... <<<confession time>>> collect books about Ventriloquist
> and would like to know if it's worth picking up.
> Cheers,
> Steve

Steve, I will let you know if there is an honest-to-God ventriloquist dummy in the novel. By the way, my favorite in this sub-sub-genre is the story by John Keir Cross in his fine collection THE OTHER PASSENGER. I forget the name of the story (both the hardback first and the Ballentine paperback are not at hand) but I also recall (and have on tape) the very nice 30 minute adaptation on "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" that starred Tom Conway. Cross was good enough in what I have read by him to make me wonder if there is enough uncollected finery for a collection.

By back to MR. BLUR and the woman in a cat suit with an 8 mm Beretta on one thigh and a carbon steel throwing knife on the other. After my last post I have continued to cogitate on the scene the author presents and more and more aspects trouble me.

I presented the problem in my previous post on the basis of a woman with both weapons strapped to opposing thighs with my image being the thighs are beneath a skirt. But the description says "...wearing a black leather catsuit..." not a "catskirt." Hmmm...if the catsuit is, as commonly depicted in movies, a skintight outfit that covered the legs then having a Beretta or a throwing knife stapped to her thigh makes no sense what so ever. Having anything strapped to one's thigh indicates the purpose is concealment. If one's thigh is covered with black leather, then the lumps created by the pistol and the knife would defeat that purpose. Secondly, if the pistol and knife are encased in a black leather skin suit, how the hell is the wearer supposed to access them? Are there flaps allowing weapons to be drawn without stripping? If so, doesn't that kind of blow the concealment?

Richard Moore

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