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Date: 19 Jan 2005

At 11:53 PM 1/18/2005, you wrote:

> > I've never read any of the novels based on the CANNON series, but I do
> > have
> > a couple of P.I. novels by Douglas Enfer, which is probably not a pen
> > name.
> > (I haven't read those novels, either.)
>I don't know, Bill. Sounds like a pen name. After all, "Enfer" *IS* French
>for "Hell."
>All the Best-
>Brian Thornton, going back to lurkdom.

Hi all

It's Enefer, not Enfer, and what that is in French, I do not know, but it appears to be his real name. Here's a complete list of the "Cannon" books. Strangely enough, most of these were published only in the UK and never in the US. I'll indicate those below. I believe all of them are paperbacks only. (Corrections and/or additions are welcome.)

         The Deadly Chance (UK, 1973)
         The Falling Blonde (UK, 1975)
         The Golden Bullet (UK. 1973)
         I've Got You Covered (UK, 1973)

         Farewell, Little Sister (UK, 1978)
         Shoot-Out! (UK, 1979)

RICHARD GALLAGHER [This also appears to be his real name.]
         Murder by Gemini (Lancer, US, 1971)
         The Stewardess Strangler (Lancer, US, 1971)

Gallagher also wrote, I note in passing, The One-Armed Murder (Lancer, 1971) a novelization based on the TV series THE MOST DEADLY GAME, which I only vaguely recall.

... I just did some checking. It ran on ABC for less than a full year in 1970-71, and starred Ralph Bellamy, George Maharis and Yvette Mimieux. I'll take it back. I don't remember it at all. Who'd forget Yvette?



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