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From: David Moynihan (
Date: 17 Jan 2005

On Mon, 17 Jan 2005 09:56:26 -0600, Jeff Vorzimmer
<> wrote:
> David,
> I'm really not in the business of selling electronic books. If I thought
> your books were too full of errors to read, then it follows that they
> wouldn't be good source texts. If you downloaded the books I posted (there
> is a sample chapter) you would see that they bear no resemblance to your
> books. But the main reason that I wouldn't use your books is that most of
> the hardboiled crime fiction you're selling are still under copyright and
> you obviously aren't paying royalties. You can get away with it, because
> you're flying under the radar for the most part. I do however think what
> you're doing is a service to those avid readers of hardboiled fiction who
> wouldn't otherwise have access to these texts because they have been, for
> the most part, neglected. I applaud what your doing, I just think the books
> need more editing.

My goodness, this is now well-past libel. Below the radar? My ebook newsletter, whenever I trouble with it, is read by folks at RandomHouse, HarperCollins, S&S and Penguin. I've been in contact with the good people at Conde Nast (and you note I still give away the complete Docs and Shadows, after all the C&Ds went out), Grove-Atlantic, estate of Dash Hammett, AMS (parent of Blue Moon/Carroll & Graf).

As far as not paying royalties? Obviously? Have to go rescind a year or two's worth of payments to the Rice folks, Roger Simon (who, by the way, is alive and posting at and others. Negotiations for Fred Brown are ongoing, but that's a unique situation
(and, truth be told, I may have been paying the wrong person for Der Golem, but I'm now tracking down the translator).

> I will gladly email you the PDFs of the books of your you claim I'm
> reselling. With your permission I would even post your PDF of said book and
> let people compare to mine.
I'd very much appreciate it if you'd post all four documents. But that doesn't seem quite helpful enough, as of course you could have just re-edited the HTML "backup" version slightly and made your own PDFs. So I'd like you to add the images you've scanned the books from, in a zip archive, so people can tell the actual date of the files so rendered (which would of course have to be prior to May, 2004, when your own, "unique" version was created.)

I'll host said images myself, if need be.

> Jeff
> > I confess I may have been too cocky in the past, as folks like
> > Wildside Press, and, umm, Jeff Vorzimmer, have been known to just
> > grab texts from me and print/resell them. Some of the ones I did that
> > ended up on Wildside (say, the Dr. Nikola series in its entirety and
> > tons of Walter Scott whose source-texts weren't Gutenberg compiant)
> > are among that firm's bestsellers, so I perhaps assumed they were in
> > better condition. Neither Jeff nor Wildside spent any additional time
> > editing, as far as I can tell, but of course they also didn't issue a
> > thank you.
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