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Date: 02 Jan 2005

I will add, in light of Juri's second comment, that Chase being British, he had at that time (the 30s) very few chances to come across the realize anecdote on which Faulkner based part of his book, prior to the publishing of Sanctuary. On the other hand, Faulkner was already rather acclaimed in Europe and Chase was in the book selling business (traveling salesman), so he certainly knew well Faulkner's novel, and he definitely took it as one of the bases for his own first novel. Also, he was struck by the sales successes of "American" HB novels in the UK (some being written by Europeans, but mimicking the models) and it was the feeling that he could easily write something like those novels that lead him to try by himself. So, without any real writing experience he wrote "Orchids..." during his free time (week ends spread over two months only!). Amongst his other inspirations for his book there is a great chance that one of them was the "family story" of Ma Baker (as gangsters news traveled well and quick to Europe press and newsreels).

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>Re the recent comments on NO ORCHIDS and SANCTUARY, including Juri's
>:Having not read either book, I'm wondering whether it's possible that Chase was not deliberately ripping off Faulkner. SANCTUARY was
>supposed to have been loosely based on a real-life kidnapping case.
>Is it possible that Chase simply heard about the same case and based
>his own novel on it, independent of Faulkner's already having done so?

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