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From: Karin Montin (
Date: 16 Oct 2004

I noticed the word "kaliiperin" in the names of all the types of weapons, and wondered why it was used for the 10-gauge shotgun as well as for the .38 special and .45 automatic. These definitions I found on the Web (see below) say that there are two quite different measures used for shotguns and revolvers. In fact, it seems to me that if you were going to describe a 10-gauge shotgun by its bore, you would call it a .775 calibre. Is that right?

So my first question to the Finnish speakers among us is this: does the word kaliiperin rightly render both calibre and gauge?

My second question is what happened to dumping the body in the San Ysidro River?

Adj.1..38 calibre - of or relating to the bore of a gun (or its ammunition) that measures thirty-eight hundredths of an inch in diameter; "a .38 caliber shell"

Shotgun gauges are determined by the number of lead balls of a given diameter required to make one pound of that size ball. Thus 10 balls of 10 gauge diameter are required to make one pound of such balls, or 20 balls of 20 gauge diameter are required to make one pound, and so forth. This is the traditional, and very old, system. The actual (nominal) bore diameters of the various gauges are as follows: 10 gauge = .775 inch, 12 gauge = .729 inch, 16 gauge = .662 inch, 20 gauge = .615 inch, 28 gauge = .550 inch. The .410 is named for its nominal bore size, and is not a gauge at all.

At 11:04 AM 16/10/2004 -0400, Bill Denton wrote:

>On 15 October 2004, Juri Nummelin wrote:
>: For comparison: here are the opening lines of "L.A. Confidential" in
>: Finnish:
>: Hyl䴴y motelli San Berdoon vuoristossa. Buzz Meeks kirjoittautui sis䤮
>: mukanaan 94 000 dollaria, kahdeksan kiloa korkealuokkaista heroiinia,
>: 10-kaliiperin pumppuhaulikko, .38-kaliiperin revolveri, .45-kaliiperin
>: automaattiase ja stiletti, jonka h䮠osti meksikaanolta rajalla juuri
>: ennen kuin huomasi rajan toiselle puolelle pys䫶idyn auton: Mickey
>: Cohenin k䴹rit tunnuksettomassa LAPD:n k䲲yss䮊
>And the original in English:
>"An abandoned auto court in the San Berdoo foothills; Buzz Meeks checked
>in with ninety-four thousand dollars, eighteen pounds of high-grade
>heroin, a 10-gauge pump, a .38 special, a .45 automatic and a switchblade
>he'd bought off a pachuco at the border--right before he spotted the car
>parked across the line: Mickey Cohen goons in an LAPD unmarked, Tijuana
>cops standing by to bootjack a piece of his goodies, dump his body in the
>San Ysidro River."

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