From: Kevin Burton Smith ( kvnsmith@thrillingdetective.com)
Date: 16 Aug 2004

Doug Bassett wrote:

>Is this the one which uses lesbianism as a plot point?
>If so, I remember liking it, but thinking that it was
>one of those relatively rare books who's impact has
>been lost as time has marched forward. It must've been
>a killer ending when it first came out, though.

Maybe, but the "solution" really grated on me when I read it. It wasn't so much that it was gloriously politically incorrect (like who really gives a damn about that?) as that it was boneheadedly wrong, not just for that time but always.

If I remember correctly, the solution was based on the equivalent of something on the level of if you shake hands with a black guy, it would rub off on you, or that all Jews were whizzes with numbers. Not so much politically incorrect, as factually. Even if many people did believe it at one time.

But damn, at this point, I can't even quite recall what the solution was based on, and I may even not be remembering it clearly. What was it? That all lesbians actually want to be men? That they all were raped at an early age? That lesbians are incapable of orgasm? Something silly like that...

Too bad, because the other Pines really do stand up well. And I really do love old books generally, warts and all.


Kevin Burton Smith
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