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Date: 04 Aug 2004

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 At the Harrogate Crime Fest the other week - which by the way is shaping up
 as a very nice annual UK event - I heard some great stories about Ross
 Thomas' one and only publicity trip to the UK back in the late 70s. >>

Tell us more! Richard asked

Well okay, only trouble is I have a very poor memory for the details of stories told to me when drinking. So I'll confine myself to a very brief outline. During his book tour of the UK Thomas lures his publishers to a casino, there he introduces them to various bits of gambling lore and proceeds to make a big score himself - so probably not such a bad idea to miss out on playing poker with him - he then announces that he'll using his winnings to take off and see a little more of Britain. Next thing the publishers hear is that he's been arrested in possession of a stolen car and quantity of cocaine. He's promptly bounced back to the US. As for why he was bounced back home rather than jailed in the UK - well I guess there's where the Ross Thomas was really a spook theories come in to play. Okay that's about all I can remember, next time I meet the publisher concerned I'll try and get a few more details.


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