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> At the Harrogate Crime Fest the other week - which
> by the way is shaping up
> as a very nice annual UK event - I heard some great
> stories about Ross
> Thomas' one and only publicity trip to the UK back
> in the late 70s. Suffice
> to say there was no way any publisher was going to
> invite him back after
> that one. I had no idea Thomas was as wild as his
> books.
> >>
> Tell us more! Thomas is my modern favorite. While
> others may be technically
> superior, he gives me more satisfaction than any
> other crime writer.

I'd be curious, too. Thomas is one of my favorite writers in the genre.

I've always had a pet theory that he was, at one time, some kind of intelligence or government agent. His books have a feeling of "truth" about them, for lack of a better word.


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