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From: Michael Robison ( miker_zspider@yahoo.com)
Date: 02 Aug 2004

Just got back from Tom Franklin country. We stopped for the night in Montgomery and after dinner the girls wanted to shop so I let them go their way and I checked out a local bookstore. I've mentioned that although I'm primarily a paperback reader, I've recently run into hardcovers that are cheaper than the paperback editions.

When I first discovered Vachss, I liked his work and started at the beginning and worked my way towards the latest. By the time I finished FALSE ALLEGATIONS and SAFEHOUSE, I was tired of his novels and gave up on him a couple years ago. I found a hardcover of his DEAD AND GONE, and a quick look told me it was another in the Burke series, so I bought it at about one-third the price of his trade paperbacks. It's time to give him another go.

I also picked up Stark's BREAKOUT. I seem to recall some comments on this book on the list, but I don't remember what they were. Although I've read Westlake's THE HOOK, I've never read anything under the Stark name. I hope this is a good Stark. I'd hate to start out with a poor one.

I had about the same experience with James Ellroy as Vachss. I was having a great time working my way through everything he wrote that came out in mass paperback, but by the time I was finished with the LA quartet, I was wore out on the huge cast of characters and tremendously complex plots. I found THE COLD SIX THOUSAND at a fantastic price and I thought I'd give it a shot. I flipped through and read a bit on several different pages and sadly put it back on the shelf. I didn't want to read a whole novel written in that short-sentence style.

To AJW: Thank you for the off-line comments on Tom Franklin, and thanks also for the suggestions for things to do in southern Alabama. I read your suggestions several times and meant to write you off-line and thank you but I accidentally deleted the letter and lost your email address.


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