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From: Marianne Macdonald ( marianne.macdonald@lineone.net)
Date: 26 Jul 2004

On Monday, July 26, 2004, at 08:00 am, RARA-AVIS Digest wrote:
> Looking through old posts, and I saw this.
> Was there ever a reply to this question? Is something like
> http://www.sensesofcinema.com/contents/03/25/letter_london.html what
> you're
> interested in, Mark?
> Andrew

Thanks for posting that link, Andrew - interesting stuff there.

This country is suffering a paranoia which focuses on street crime
(which is supposed to be growing, though the evidence is uncertain), foreigners (carelessly known as "probably illegal immigrants") and terrorism. Not perhaps so different from the USA?

Yes, there are cctv cameras everywhere in London, from major road junctions to quite small shops like my local newsagent. The technology of course is if-y, but it comforts some people. And there are those in government who insist that we will all have to carry identity cards as soon as they can get the technology together. If they do. The relevant politician said we will have to pay for our own; I seem to recall that a sum equivalent to about US$135 was mentioned - an interesting thought.

Interesting times - in the Chinese sense.

1984 lives.

        I may be going Anarchist.


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