RE: RARA-AVIS: Re: Himes (was Someone who doesn't like Pelecanos)

From: John Williams (
Date: 20 Jul 2004

Rene asked

> Forgive me if someone has answered this one (as may
> be obvious, I'm very
> behind on reading posts):
> For Love of Imabelle was the title of the original
> US edition (Gold
> Medal). I believe the title was changed to A Rage in
> Harlem to cash in
> on the film version of that title that came out in
> the 60''s or 70's.

As Jim pointed out A Rage in Harlem became the new title for the book a good thirty years before the film came out (probably simply to let book buyers know it was a black mystery). Curious thing is that For Love Of Imabelle is not the original title either. The book was first published in French as La Reine Des Pommes (The Queen of Apples) but that Serie Noire edition gave the English title as The Five-Cornered Square, which was presumably Himes own preferred name for it.

Oh and BTW was it Mark who enquired about The End Of A Primitive? Anyway it's a book everyone should read, a flat-out American masterpiece, and a startlingly modern one too.


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