Re: RARA-AVIS: Dark Angel, John Dale

From: Michael Robison (
Date: 17 Jul 2004

Ed Lynskey wrote: I've not read this title but your insightful comments here made curious about something. Did the book
"read" like an early draft where the plot points weren't perhaps quite developed and the major characters weren't fleshed out?

************ I'm not sure if it read like an early draft or not, Ed. If anything, the plot seemed over-developed. There was too much of it for where it went. Another thought I have is that it wouldn't necessarily have taken Dale any more words to flesh out the characters.
 It just would have taken different words. David Goodis could knock out a minor character who could reach out and grab you in half a page. So could Earl Thompson.

To tell the truth, the comments I made were not easy for me to come up with. When I finish a book I have a solid feeling about how well I liked it, but it takes a lot of thought for me to put it into words. So there's the "feeling" first, and then I put together a rhetorical line of bull to support it.


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