RARA-AVIS: Re: Neo-noir films

From: E.Borgers ( wbac12034@tiscali.be)
Date: 16 Jul 2004

Mark, I gathered here in a list some films I consider belonging to the neo-noir breed. I cite only films I've seen. All of them are not top films, but bear enough qualities to be mentioned. Some of these films do not develop their full potential, namely those made for TV or with a low budget, mainly by lack of able performers ( a typical example: Route 9- excellent basic script, even with some weaknesses- above average cinematography, but actors are not totally on par, and some action scenes are too fabricated- but the result is still an interesting film). There are more of these contemporary neo-noir films, but my notes are not totally updated.

All are American films, unless otherwise indicated:

AMORE PERROS (LOVE'S ABITCH) (2000) - Mexico - {borderline by its plot, but definitively noir- an excellent movie} ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE (98) BRAT (97) -Russia DIVORCING JACK (98) - UK GHOST DOG (99) HEAVEN'S BURNING (97) - Australia HOMICIDE (91) KALIFORNIA (93) NEW JACK CITY (91) KING OF NEW YORK (90) BOUND (96) CITY OF INDUSTRY (97) FREEWAY (96) I WENT DOWN (97) - UK KILL ME AGAIN (89) KISS OF DEATH (95) MEN WITH GUNS (97) - Canada ROMEO IS BLEEDING (94) ROUTE 9 (99) SCARFACE (83) {a precursor, even with its flaws and luxury production} THE CORRUPTOR (99) THE LAST DAYS OF FRANKIE THE FLY (97) THE LAST SEDUCTION (94) WAY OF THE GUN (2000) WILD THINGS (98)

Plus: Is it mainstream? Anyway it copies (a bit artificially) a lot of the characteristics of neo-noir as an add-on, in a thriller not really well balanced, and with Emma Thompson miscasted: JUDAS KISS (99)

Far from being exhaustive.

E.Borgers Hard-Boiled Mysteries http://www.geocities.com/Athens/6384


>Etienne wrote
>"But then I'm not totally for this idea, as I should prefer to call
>"neo-noir" a breed of films appearing during the end of the 80s, during
>the 90s and still existing today.These last types of films are often
>closer to the spirit of the B series of the 40s an 50s by the relative
>freedom of scripts and filming, leading to fast, violent, dark films
>with stories close to nihilism. They are mostly American color movies,
>and generally with more substance than the Tarantino films."

>While I think there's a lot of substance underneath the style of Pulp
>Fiction (less so in many of his others, not that I don't still really
>enjoy them), I agree with your periodization of neo-noir. However, how
>about some titles? This isn't so I can argue with your conclusions, but
>to see if there are any I haven't seen and should.

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