Re: RARA-AVIS: Mostly noir on TCM

From: E.Borgers (
Date: 14 Jul 2004

Mario, Mario... that Noir Pandora box once more !

As you know the "hardcore" school will only call noir films from a certain period of time. Which I totally disagree as you also know, as films genres evolves. Then others admit the noir filiation by the content and not strictly by formalism. That's where I and others are when examining the continuity of crime/mystery films until our present days. Maybe calling these modern films (appearing after the fifties)
"neo-noir" could conciliate both approaches?

But then I'm not totally for this idea, as I should prefer to call
"neo-noir" a breed of films appearing during the end of the 80s, during the 90s and still existing today.These last types of films are often closer to the spirit of the B series of the 40s an 50s by the relative freedom of scripts and filming, leading to fast, violent, dark films with stories close to nihilism. They are mostly American color movies, and generally with more substance than the Tarantino films.

I'm not sure this helps ...

PS: I agree with you: Payback sucks and Gibson should be better in a zoo, as discussed here previously. Point Blank by Boorman stays a top film, a milestone in the evolution of noir/HB films. That's the one I paid to see in a theater, long long ago.

E. Borgers Hard-Boiled Mysteries

Mario Taboada :

>Just saw Point Blank (it was years...) and Blow Up (I had
>seen it more recently). Great films, both. PB is
>hardboiled, BU is noir -- did you guys ever wonder what the
>difference was?

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