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<< Was it you, John, who recently noted the connection between Connelly and Chandler? I saw many parallel themes. Although Bosch has a partner, he is still a loner like Marlowe. Baiting the police, swimming against a tide of corruption opposed to an honest investigation, failing any lasting relationship with a woman, an obsession with revealing the truth, and a brooding attitude bordering on bathos are all shared between Marlowe and Bosch. The satisfaction of being a do-gooder is juxtaposed against the terrible burden of shattered dreams and detritus that are revealed in the process. CITY OF BONES also trotted out the standard Chandler theme that fame and fortune have somehow been sacrificed for noble causes. >>

yeah, that was me. Connelly's Bosch always had a similar feel without being an obvious stylistic copy. in LOST LIGHT however, Bosch is now a private eye, written in the 1st person rather than the 3rd, and in his internal musings about the city and his place in it, Connelly's dropped all pretense of who his muse is. I think he's done a great job over a fair amount of time and books keeping his series compelling.

John Lau

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