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Date: 10 Jul 2004

Selon William Denton <>:

> On 10 July 2004, wrote:
> : Let us say that I regret his own personal approach of crime fiction had
> : such a following in France that it became the new standard, leading to
> : near-extinction of other sub-genres. Also, I think Alain Demouzon was
> : better than him.
> Hmm, a new name! I think Demouzon has only been mentioned once before on
> the list, when Mr. Novak was looking for a couple of English translations.
> Mr. Smith's Thrilling Detective site has a page on him:
> He sounds good, and three or four of his books have been translatd into
> English. Is there a particular one (in any language) that you'd
> recommend?

Demouzon is a much eclectic writer, and it's safe to say that he tried his hand at nearly all sub-genres of crime fiction. Noir fans will want to read "Mouche", "Un Coup pourri", "Adieu La Jolla" or "Paquebot", but books like "Monsieur Abel", "Mes Crimes imparfaits" ou "Châ´¥au des Rentiers" are very good as well. I give a special mention to "Section Rouge de l'Espoir" as it can be regarded as an answer to Manchette-inspired neopolars (Manchette didn't like this book, by the way). The Thrilling Detective's list is not complete, though, as it omits the Melchior trilogy that includes eponymous "Melchior" (1995), "Melchior et les Innocents" (2000) and "La Promesse de Melchior" (2001).

Friendly, Xavier

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