Re: RARA-AVIS: Kurosawa: Taboada (seems to scan as well as rhyme)

From: Terrill Lankford (
Date: 07 Jul 2004

On Jul 6, 2004, at 1:58 PM, Mark Sullivan wrote:
> Great movie. I'd add Kurosawa's Stray Dogs, although I don't think
> that's been released by Criterion.
> Mark (who's starting to get intrigued by Yakuza and samurai films
> beyond
> the great Kurosawa)

48 HOURS was intended as a "remake/homage" to STRAY DOG. A number of films have lifted this idea (man or policeman who loses his gun and must get it back). I recently saw a preview for a new film with a similar premise but I can't remember what it was.

Kurosawa borrowed heavily from the West and the West borrowed right back.


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