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From: Moorich2@aol.com
Date: 06 Jul 2004

Like Mark I have not read Masur in years but I recall enjoying his novels about Scott Jordan, who like his creator was an attorney. The novels were well crafted first-person narratives with the prose about medium-boiled. I always thought he (or Lee Wright at Simon & Schuster) had a gift for classic H-B titles such as SUDDENLY A CORPSE (1949), YOU CAN'T LIVE FOREVER (1950), and SEND ANOTHER HEARSE (1960).

I can also recommend his collection of short stories THE NAME IS JORDAN
(Pyramid 1962). That reminds me that Pyramid did a nice series of short story collections about this time with another good volume by Craig Rice.

Does anyone have a death date on Masur? I don't recall hearing of his death and as a former president of MWA, it would have gotten some notice. He would be 95 if he is still vertical.

Masur often told the story of mentioning in an early novel that his character smoked Camel cigarettes. Some weeks after the novel appeared, he received two cartons of cigarettes from the tobacco company. In his next novel his character drove a Cadillac but the complimentary car never appeared.

Richard Moore

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 From: DJ-Anonyme@webtv.net (Mark Sullivan)
 Subject: Re: RARA-AVIS: A Harold Q. Masur read?
 Ed, I haven't read Masur in decades, but I went through a string of them
 at one point, starting with Bury Me Deep. I don't remember much, if
 anything, specific about them, but I do remember liking them (and that,
 at least at the time, they were pretty easy to find in used bookstores).
 For some reason, he's link in my mind with George Harmon Coxe's novels
 about news photographer Kent Murdock. I must have been reading them
 around the same time.

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