Re: RARA-AVIS: Kurosawa and English subtitles

From: David Moran (
Date: 06 Jul 2004

> Parts of the real first Star Wars (the attack on the Death Star) supposedly
> owe a whole lot to Hidden Fortress, but I haven't seen that one.

I've seen Hidden Fortress (not my favorite Kurosawa by a long shot) far as I could tell, it bears not even a vague resemblance to any part of Stars Wars whatsoever...perhaps except for one fussy, hyperexcited character that could with slight stretching of the imagination be transposed with C3PO. I had heard that George Lucas was name-dropping Hidden Fortress when people asked him about influences for Star Wars...the conclusion I came to was that he was just trying to pick up some artsy cachet at a time when Kurosawa was an international cinema arthouse superstar.

David Moran

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