RE: RARA-AVIS: Someone who doesn't like Pelecanos

From: Neddal Ayad (
Date: 05 Jul 2004

> can really be something. For instance, I am really looking
> forward to the next by Jack O'Connell (anyone know when it's due?).
I did an interview w/him a while back for (The interview should be up w/in the next little while. Check out his Best of 2003 list, linked from the main page.) As of then, the draft was finished and the book was with his agent. So ??? Hopefully it'll be sooner than later.
> So, anyone got any reccomendations in this area?
As I mentioned before, the best stuff I've read recently has been from horror writers who've edged into noir territory: Conrad Williams' GAME and Brain Evenson's BROTHERHOOD OF MUTILATION.

I'm also up for some recommendations


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