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Date: 02 Jul 2004

This is the bit on Ellroy:
"TM: I like...because I'm not claiming to be Eddie Bunker or Tony Montana or anybody else. But I've had my street experiences. The key thing is that somebody gets the rhythms right. It's either going to have the right feel, or it's not. I think that Ellroy's stuff has an interesting feel, and I think he has the right feel. I just don't like the fact that it's right wing. Therefore, I don't really like Ellroy's shit."

So it's not that he doesn't like Ellroy's writing, he doesn't like his

--Reads more of interview.-- Ahh, it's one of those two dudes chillin' kind of interviews. I like this bit: (about the movie CRASH) "TM: I didn't like it. That kind of stuff just seems so goddamned contrived. There so much of that. I look at modern literature too, and see that. I thought Chuck Palhuniuk's Fight Club was great. It made a great movie and I liked the book a lot. I haven't read his other stuff. But the descriptions of his other stuff bothers me. He's been compared to the guy that wrote Crash."
Another exchange: "TM: That's what I see, too. And that's exactly what I don't like. I said I wouldn't go back to him, but that's what Eggers reeks of. And I don't know this about Palahniuk, I've only read Fight Club Gen-X, is what it is. so I'm not in a great position to comment. But the plot outlines I've heard of his books.yeah. The self-consciousness about one's cleverness does come out. As soon as I start to smell that bullshit, I'm headin the other direction. That, to''s so fuckin
GG: That's exactly what it is. That's the problem. Gen-X. Exactly." -- Note to dudes: You guys are so totally Gen-X it's not funny. -- I shouldn't be too hard on them, Dave Eggers has the same effect on me: "TM: (laughing) I think we were bitching about the state of culture. Which could lead us to Dave Eggers, if you'd like.
GG: I don't remember what we talked about last night, but I do remember that Eggers was mentioned. When Dave Eggers is mentioned, when someone just fuckin introduces his name into a conversation I fucking..LOSE IT.
TM: (laughing)
GG: I'm still angry, even though I don't remember talking about him. I was mad today, and I didn't know-
TM: You didn't know why you were mad? (laughing)
GG: He has a profoundly negative effect on me. I'm not interested in making enemies, and I really hate to criticize, but there comes a point have a moron like Dave Eggers getting away with what he has gotten away with, and I'm like, "that's it. I'm WAY beyond holding my tongue." It is hard to focus on the positive, when you could just rant and rave all night. About this fucking cunt.
TM: Have you actually read or tried to read his stuff?
GG: I've paged through it, I've read enough to know what kind of book it is. Let's start with the title. It is in poor taste, in the first place, to use a title like that. To even consider using that title. A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius.
TM: I know, I know."
--- Ok, gotta go watch the Simpsone...
-- -N Who suspects that were he interviewed by one of his friends it would come off very much like this interview, except with more swearing.
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