RARA-AVIS: A double-kick purchase

From: Moorich2@aol.com
Date: 28 Jun 2004

In the past week I've had one of those magical moments in a lifetime of book collecting. From my comments through the years here and elsewhere, it won't surprise anyone to know that if forced to name my favorite writer in the crime/detection/espionage/etc. fields I would have to name Ross Thomas. He has my number! Even his lesser novels have enough delights to keep me entertained even while I see the flaws. At his best, he can hold his own with anyone.

Also, I have written more about Atlanta writer Ralph Dennis, creator of the Jim Hardman series, than anyone and hope to see him return to print.

So my eyes nearly bugged out on stalks when I checked abebooks.com last week and found an Advanced Readers Copy of OUT ON THE RIM by Ross Thomas autographed by Thomas to Ralph Dennis for $50. I was on that like a jaybird on a june bug. I know the seller well. Cliff ran the best used bookstore in Atlanta (The Old New York Book Shop) from 1971 until sometime in the nineties. He is now all mail order and did not respond to my question--but I rather imagine he didn't see it. Knowing Cliff, I am sure he had continuous contact with Ralph through the years and will quiz him about that when I am in Atlanta later this summer. I don't know if Cliff handled the books Ralph left at his death (which was not that long after the publication of this novel) or if Ralph sold or traded him books through the years. I've also not yet asked his sister, but I will.

For now it is enough to have a volume that passed through the hands of two of my favorites. Whatever else this new pleasure tells me, I remain a Collector!

Richard Moore

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