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Date: 26 Jun 2004

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<< Isn't this from the latest Connelly, Lost Light (latest in France, anyway)?

I don't have it at hand and can't check from the French text, but it does

sound familiar, in its modern-day Chandlerish mode. (Which I happen to


-- Pierre-Paul >>

Michael Connelly, LOST LIGHT.

No guesses as to the point of it all, but I'll be interested to find out.

Bill Crider

damn, you guys are good. anyway the point of it all was simply to state my opinion that Connelly more than any other practitioner, is the one that truly carries Chandler's mantle at this point in time. the Harry Bosch stories, with their deepset melancholy and profound sense of Los Angeles as a character have always felt influenced by RC. and now that Bosch is no longer a police detective, but a private operative, solving cases without clients, and doing it in the 1st person rather than the 3rd, this connection to Chandler's work has never been stronger.

and although I knew more than one person on the list would guess correctly, really, I'm flabbergasted how quickly you guys got this

so much for my meaningless little contest

John Lau

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