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From: Joy Matkowski (
Date: 26 Jun 2004

Thanks, Karin. I've always liked Perry, too, and, having worked for an insurance company for 13 years, I love nitpicking through insurance-related books (CA Fire & Life, excellent depiction; Paretsky direly needs a fact checker).
    I have this book and will move it from a random place in the TBR stacks to the top of the heap.

Joy Perry, no relation

Karin Montin reviewed:
> I've always liked Thomas Perry and was pleased to find a "new" title,
Death Benefits (2001). It's kind of an update on The Wreckers, with a hint of Harvest Home. The "detectives" are a consultant hired by an insurance company to find the agent suspected of being behind a major fraud, her sort-of ex-boyfriend (an accountant) conscripted to help, and an expert in illegal computer searches. I don't believe they are series characters, but I can see the potential.

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