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Date: 24 Jun 2004

I join the long thread that appeared recently in R-A.
 From my recent reading I would like to list the following :

By Rolo Diez - an Argentinean writer living since the 80s in Mexico- a rather original variation on classic HB/noir characters and plots. I red a French translation of his La vida que me doy with his recurrent Mexican cop from a special police dept, Carlos HernᎤez, who lives two family lives with separate wives and kids. He his also surfing on the total corruption seen in all the administrative services and civil servants of his country. He takes money, yes, but he chases the real rotten guys and gets them. He does his best to make the system work following his own sense of justice and injustice. Theres also a lot of derision and black humor in the stories lived by Carlos, but do not be confused: its HB and noir when the time comes. Very original approach by Rolo Diez that mixes daily sins, a sense of humanity and the ordinary corruption in a battle against abuse of power, murder and horror. All this with a smile. Recommended.

ALMOST BLUE (original title of the Italian short novel- kept in translations) by Carlo Lucarelli. Oneiric rendering of the help given by a young blind man to track a serial killer in Bologna. He spends his nights in his room to scan frequencies, with Chet Baker as background music, and he once heard a green voice which he is convinced, comes from the killer. Very personal novel by this Italian author, in which the dreamlike reports of the moods and feelings of the blind man is the best part, haunting and gripping.

FREEZER BURN by Joe R. Lansdale Quite interesting novel mixing black humor, slight horror and noir in a story that keeps the attention of the reader. The freak show that becomes the central part of interest in this novel is definitely the best invention in the whole thing. The noir part, with femme fatale and all the gimmicks involved is close to a cold parody but keeps the thing rolling. I personally think that Lansdale did not exploit fully his gifted writing that shows in a few chapters of the novel. But it is a good read, above average, with an inventive plot holding the attention of the reader from beginning to end.

E.Borgers Hard-Boiled Mysteries

Bill Crider :

>Duane: Glad to see someone enjoying the Nolan books by Max Allan Collins. I
>read those when they first appeared, and one of my prized possessions is a
>copy of the one dedicated to Spillane that's signed by both Al and Mickey.

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