From: Terrill Lankford ( lankford2000@earthlink.net)
Date: 24 Jun 2004

Due to a severe deadline issue I've been forced to lurk even deeper than usual. Just wanted to resurface briefly to say I finally finished Al Guthrie's TWO-WAY SPLIT. I'm not sure if someone on the list called this book "Jim Thompson on crack", but if they didn't, I will. That's one wild book. I loved it! If all of Juha's selections prove this compelling, his new publishing line, POINT BLANK, should be very successful. Congratulations to all involved. You're doing hardboiled fans all over the world quite a service by bringing back GOLD MEDAL style publishing. Thanks!



P.S. - My last L.A. signing for EARTHQUAKE WEATHER will be tonight
(Thursday) at the Borders Bookstore in Hollywood at 7:30 pm. Any rare birds who want to attend will be welcome to join Bob Ward and myself for drinks afterwards, down the street at Boardner's (no relation to Borders).

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