RARA-AVIS: Re: Finnish novels

From: Tapani Bagge ( tapani.bagge@aina.fi)
Date: 23 Jun 2004

> The only novels I know from that country are a few by Matti Yrj‰n‰
> Joensuu, through French translations.
> Mainly with a police detective,Timo Harjunp‰‰, and rather dark.

One of Joensuu's Harjunpaa-novels was published in English in the 1980's. Stone Murders was the name of the book. I heard a rumour that another translation is about to be published in the near future. He is a policeman himself, and I like his books much more than I like most of the Swedish police procedurals nowadays (including Mallander). Joensuu has an excellent sense of characters and places, and his stories are quite dark. But neither Joensuu's style nor his main character, police detective Timo Harjunpaa, is very hard-boiled.

Tapani Bagge

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