RARA-AVIS: Mystery*File #44 almost ready.

From: Steve Lewis ( stevelewis62@cox.net)
Date: 22 Jun 2004

Good evening

Those of you who are subscribers to Mystery*File (and those of you who are not but who should be) and who are wondering what happened to the next issue, off it goes to the printer tomorrow. I haven't updated my website yet www.lewis-books.com/Mfile.htm but here is the Table of Contents for what will be in the mail shortly (within the week, if all goes well).



                 TABLE OF CONTENTS

THE SCARLET LETTERS - You the Readers FATAL KISS - Reviews by Steve Lewis ADDENDA TO CRIME FICTION IV, Part 5 - Allen J. Hubin A FABLE, by Donald A. Yates THE ORIGINAL POLICEWOMAN: DOROTHY UHNAK, WRITER, by Ed Lynskey INTERVIEW WITH DOROTHY UHNAK - Conducted by Ed Lynskey THE RAMBLING HOUND RAMBLES 'ROUND - Book & Movie Commentary by Dan Stumpf. THE GOLD MEDAL CORNER, by Bill Crider IMMINENT MENACE IN THE SHORT MYSTERY FICTION OF JOEL TOWNSLEY ROGERS, by Alfred Jan THE RED RIGHT HAND OF JOEL TOWNSLEY ROGERS, by Robert C. S. Adey IN THE FRAME, Reviews by Vince Keenan FINDING MEANING IN MYSTERIES, by Roberta Isleib PATRICIA CARLON, WOMAN OF MYSTERY, PART ONE, by Sue Feder WALTER'S PLACE - Book Reviews by Walter Albert FIRST YOU READ, THEN YOU WRITE - Mystery Commentary by Mike Nevins THE CRIME OF MY LIFE, by Marv Lachman THE BI-MONTHLY BAG OF BOOKS..., by Bob Briney CAROLYN HEILBRUN REVISITED, by Patricia Holt. MYSTERY ZONE - Reviews by Michelle L. Zafron T.S.STRIBLING'S BIOGRAPHY, A Review by Richard Moore FRUSTRATION, DESIRE AND OPPORTUNITY: POINTBLANK, by J.T. Lindroos THE SMALL MYSTERY PRESS - Updates [Charles Ardai & Doug Greene] THE GARDNER REPORT, by Bill Pronzini REVIEWS, by Diverse Hands [Lorraine Gelly, Gary Warren Niebuhr, L.J.Roberts & Sue Feder.]

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