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From: E.Borgers (
Date: 22 Jun 2004

I'm a little behind with my mails, but in the long thread devoted to MA Collins, I'm surprised that apparently nobody cited BLOOD AND THUNDER
(1995), a novel with Nate Heller which is a good read. It tells a part of the story of the populist Louisiana Governor, Huey Long, the
"Kingfish", during the thirties and investigates his assassination. A rather good novel, ambiguous and intricate but full of "atmosphere". The real story of this Governor is even more intriguing and dubious, a real political swamp, but IMO Collins' approach in his novel is a good introduction.

If the Nate Heller series is uneven, you still will find there many good novels. You should try further.

I, personally have a lot more difficulties to accept the cardboard settings of Kaminsky's novels and their conventional intrigues.

E.Borgers Hard-Boiled Mysteries

Mark Sullivan :

>However, Nate Heller did not do it for me in the one book I read, the
>first, True Detective. Part of it is certainly that I am not much of a
>fan of historicals, but I still went through several of Stuart
>Kaminsky's Toby Peters books and was a huge fan of James Ellroy before
>finally becoming disillusioned with him in American Tabloid (and
>Chinatown is my favorite movie). I just found it instantly forgettable
>and never read another.

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