Re: RARA-AVIS: non-fiction by crime novelists?

Date: 16 Jun 2004

Cop-novelist Joseph Wambaugh has written almost as much true crime as he has fiction. In fact, two of them were Edgar-winners. THE ONION FIELD got a special Edgar called the Herbert Brean memorial award, and FIRE LOVER recently got top prize in the Fact Crime category. He's also written LINES & SHADOWS, THE BLOODING, and ECHOES IN THE DARKNESS.

Another cop-novelist, O'Neil DeNoux is, in addition to his procedurals about New Orleans homicide cop Dino LaStanza, the author of the well-regarded true crime book, SPECIFIC INTENT.

Robert Daley, a former NYPD Assistant Commissioner and author of several fine NYPD novels such as TO KILL A COP and WALL OF BRASS also wrote PRINCE OF THE CITY.

Thomas Cook, mentioned here by Mark Sullivan recently, wrote at least one non-fiction book, BLOOD ECHOES, an Edgar nominee in the true-crime category.

Clark Howard, an Edgar winner in the short story category, got Fact Crime Edgar nominations for ZEBRA and SIX AGAINST THE ROCK. He's also written a couple of fine true-crime e-books, one about Caryl Chessman and the other about Barbara Graham (California's two most famous death row inmates during the 1950's), that can be found here:

Mike Newton is a truly prolific writer, both of hard-boiled crime fiction and true crime. As a novelist he's responsible for a series of FBI novels set in LA ("VICAP"), a series of DEA novels set in Florida ("Agents" written as "Paul Malone"), and he's ghosted 90 "Mack Bolan - the Executioner" novels as well as entries in the "Destroyer" series. His true crime books include ROPE, STOLEN AWAY, DADDY WAS THE BLACK DAHLIA KILLER (written with Janice Knowlton), THE F.B.I. ENCYCLOPEDIA, THE F.B.I. MOST WANTED, THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF SERIAL KILLERS, THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF KIDNAPPINGS, and HUNTING HUMANS. He's also written one book for beginning novelists, HOW TO WRITE ACTION/ADVENTURE NOVELS.

And there's also some guy named Doherty who some of you might be familiar with. He's not a novelist, but he has managed to get the occasional short story published here and there, and he's got a small press book out called JUST THE FACTS. You can find out more about it here:

plus you'll be able to see what he looks like in uniform.

He's also written an e-book about Raymond Chandler which will be available again, this time for free, at the Barnes & Noble University site.


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