From: Joy Matkowski (
Date: 14 Jun 2004

I loved all the New York books, when this was my favorite series, and to me somehow all the grittiness dissolved when the series moved to California. I read only one or two of those that took place after the move, and if anyone recommends any of these later books, I'd be interested, too.
    My recommendation is any of the books that take place in New York.


Ed Lynskey asked:
> I finished reading THE BRASS RAINBOW (1969), the second title in
> the PI Dan Fortune series, last night. I enjoyed it as much as
> if not more than a couple later Dan Fortune titles (CHASING
> EIGHTS from 1990) and (CASSANDRA IN RED from 1992). Dan Fortune
> in TBR (dedictated to Ken Millar, the author's early benefactor)
> is still set in NYC. A couple near explanations account for his
> one arm. Though DF runs up against the rich and corrupt
> here, the social "message" isn't laid on too thick. The
> narrative is well paced; the prose crisp and clean.
> Recommendations for other entries in the Dan Fortune series?

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