Re: RARA-AVIS: Corner Brook Confidential and Assorted Collinses

From: Stewart Wilson (
Date: 11 Jun 2004

Kevin Burton Smith wrote:

>> What was terrible about the comics was Collin's
>> totally unimaginative use
>> of the panels themselves to elevate the stories.
> Unimaginative? Or gimmick free? I prefer artist Terry Beatty's clean,
> meat-and-potatoes art, very intentionally reminiscent of classic fifties
> comic work, to the overblown "Look, Look, LOOK at ME!" fanboy
> pretensions of prima donnas like Frank Miller in SIN CITY any day.
> Gallons of black ink are no substitute for actual story.

Maybe Beatty's art would stand up in the fifties, but my impression was that those artist were subjected to much more difficult working (and living) conditions than today. If it's homage, it should look like the best of the fifties work, rather than the worst. If the writing was homage to fifties comic writing, that may explain why I dislike it so much: I can't stand to read that stuff. Am I blaming Colins for Beatty's art? maybe. I am with you on Miller; the art is pretty, but there is no story. The only PI comic I've read and liked is Alias (no connection to the TV series!) .

Stewart Wilson
Toronto, ON

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