RARA-AVIS: 2 questions answered

From: Charles Ardai ( charles@winterfall.com)
Date: 11 Jun 2004


Mark wrote:

> Speaking of which, Hard Case Crime's
> website says that Two for the Money is
> the first time its two connected Nolan
> novels have been published in one volume.
> Didn't Carrol & Graff do that a decade
> or so ago?

Carroll & Graf published TOUGH TENDER in 1991, combining the fifth and sixth Nolan novels, HARD CASH and SCRATCH FEVER. Those books tell a connected story as well, which makes combining them sensible.

What no one has ever done is to publish a combined volume containing the first two Nolan novels, BAIT MONEY and BLOOD MONEY -- and that's what we'll be doing in TWO FOR THE MONEY.

Also, a few days ago, someone asked how Donald Hamilton is doing, and I wrote a reply but for some reason it didn't make it out to the list
(probably some screw-up on my part having to do with HTML vs. plain-text e-mail). Anyway, the answer is that he's doing well. I've been in touch with him and his son Gordon in Sweden a few times this year, and though Don is 88, with all the attendant frailties, he's in good spirits.


-------------- Charles Ardai Editor, Hard Case Crime

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