Re: RARA-AVIS: Max Collins

From: Stewart Wilson (
Date: 10 Jun 2004

Michael Robison wrote:

>If I recall correctly, Max Collins is an extremely
>prolific writer. My experience with that sorta thing
>is that the quality of the work often suffers. Is
>that the case with Collins?
I can't really say, since I won't read anything by him on the basis of some terrible comic books he has written. In particular the Ms. Tree series, of which I've read about half, having bought them based on comments here. What was terrible about the comics was Collin's totally unimaginative use of the panels themselves to elevate the stories. His comics were essentially short stories turned into comics in the most workaday manner possible. The stories weren't that good to begin with, either. To me that shows a profound disrespect for the genre, and more importantly, for the reader. I am so angry at those crappy books, I won't look at his other stuff, under the assumption that he shows the same level of professionalism in all genres.

Stewart Wilson
Toronto, ON

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