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Date: 10 Jun 2004

Chris, can you explain what you mean by this? I'm rather curious.

My last novel read was Rendezvous in Black, and it's yet another fascinating Woolrich read for me. He's never disappointed me, though I Married a Dead Man is still my favorite (with Waltz into Darkness jockeying for position). I only wish I didn't have to struggle so much with my wavering attention span lately; a great read such as this this doesn't deserve to be treated that way. *laughs* This leaves only The Black Angel before I can say that I've completed his Black Series.

Speaking of said attention span, I had a strangely nerdish dilemma about it. Should I go for a tough read, which might be the equivalent of shocking myself into "action" by diving on the deep end of the pool? Or should I go for something light and easy? In the end, I never did get to resolve it.

Instead, I just picked up Adam Hall's The Peking Target. It's my first time to read a spy thriller in more than a decade, and what do you know? It's quite engaging! Very little technobabble and not as much testosterone out there thankfully. Gripping, suspenseful, and at times...even scary. Does anyone read any of the Quiller novels?


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Mario read:
>Joe Gores's _Wolf Time_, a tight, nervous, nasty package
>with the feel of an old Gold Medal. Rereading it deepened
>my appreciation for this artist's narrative technique.

I loved the way the chapters tied together in this book with the opening lines of each chapter echoing the conclusion of the previous chapter.

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