Re: RARA-AVIS: Robert Campbell

Date: 02 Jun 2004


Re your question below:

> Question: Wasn't the
> NYC Transit
> Police Dorothy Uhnak's old department? It seems to
> ring a bell
> to me.

Yes it was. It was also the department of Jack Maple, the prototype for both Jack Mannion in the TV series THE DISTRICT, and Jack Swann, the the protoganist of Michael Daly's very good subway cop novel, UNDER GROUND.

For a time, the NYC Transit Police were the ninth or tenth largest police force in the US. Then they were absorbed into NYPD (which was already far and away number one) during Giuliani's administration.

When Mayor Giuliani made Boston Police Chief William Bratton NYC's Police COmmissioner, Bratton took Maple, then a lieutenant in Transit, and made him a deputy commissioner, which is tantamount to an ensign in the Coast Guard being made Assistant Secretary of the Navy.

Maple went on to create THE DISTRICT, but passed away shortly after the show went on the air.

Other subway cop books include Thomas Walsh's TO HIDE A ROGUE and, of course, John Godey's THE TAKING OF PELHAM 1-2-3.


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