Re: RARA-AVIS: Robert Campbell

Date: 02 Jun 2004


Re your question below:

> I picked up a Campbell book yesterday and he's
> called Edgar Award-winning
> author Robert Campbell on the cover and in the
> blurbs inside the back cover
> for the La-La Land and Jimmy Flannery series. My PBO
> is Plugged Nickel that
> introduces railway detective Jake Hatch. Anyone read
> it?

I've read it. Liked it (I have a penchant for railroad cop stories since my grandpa, the first member of my family to go into law enforcement, was a detective in the Southern Pacific Railroad Police). Jake works for the Burlington Northern out of Chicago which gave it some nice Midwestern flavor. There was only one other Hatch novel, RED CENT. Under the "R. Wright Campbell" name, he wrote another railway cop novel, MALLOY'S SUBWAY, about an NYC Transit Police detective on the trail of a serial killer stalking New York's subway system. Since that book was written, Transit has been absorbed into the NYPD and is no longer (at least officially) an autonomous agency.



With apologies to Bill for going off-topic, I haven't been posting much the last few weeks. My Dad took suddenly ill, and passed away on Friday, 25 May. I flew out to California to help bury him last week.

Your prayers and good thoughts would be appreciated.


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