Re: RARA-AVIS: Hard-Boiled Gazetteer to Southern California

From: Mark Sullivan (
Date: 02 Jun 2004

I'll vouch for Robert Campbell's "La-La Land" series featuring Whistler, but isn't it Robert W (as in R. Wright Campbell, as some of his books are credited), not B?

I, too, have read a Munch Mancini book, the first, No Humans Involved. I thought it was good, but not great. I had no real urge to read another, but after reading the emails praising her, maybe I'll try another.

I also read the first by John Morgan Wilson. I remember being pretty impressed with it. I meant to go back for the second, but I guess I forgot by the time it came out. Several have cited a large amount of graphic sex in it, but I don't remember it being particularly extreme in amount or degree. Of course, when compared to Naked Lunch or Last Exit to Brooklyn, what is?


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