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Date: 31 May 2004


What everyone else has said about the weakness of Edwin of the Iron Shoes. Marianne mentions The Tree of Death - that's in another series featuring Elena Oliverez, and she's really an amateur sleuth character - I was disappointed by the third book featuring her a couple of years ago.

Trophies and Dead Things, a mid series book, seems like a good suggestion. I think it's one of the four that the Women's Press chose to launch Muller over here, along with Something on a Sunday and The Shape of Dread - can't remember which the fourth was. At the time I borrowed many of them off my aunt, grandmother and Leeds City Libraries as I was penniless, and I lost some of the ones I did buy in the course of moving house and even city about 10 times in 7 years, so I read them totally out of order until Wolf in the Shadows.

I've liked some of the recent books in the series but they're too personal case-ish to be a good introduction - it takes away the proper dynamic if a PI never seems to be doing for-hire work any more.


>> I just finished Muller's EDWIN OF THE IRON SHOES, the first in her Sharon
McCone series. It's my first and probably last experience with Muller. Pretty drab fare. It seemed like a cozy with a thin coat of hardboiled paint on it. Not overly convincing and not very compelling. Thumbs down.

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