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From: Al Guthrie (
Date: 28 May 2004

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> Hey Mr. Guthrie,
> Would you mind briefly explaining how you 'went at
> that particular learning exercise in a big way'

Briefly, I read everything on the craft of writing I could lay my hands on, paying particular attention to advice from editors, and any authors I admired.

> I'm just curious what you did that helped you create
> what is apparently a pretty great novel.

I wish.

> While I'm bugging you could you clear up something for
> me? Is 'Kiss Her Goodbye' written by you? Is it 'Two
> Way Split' under another title or another book
> altogether?

"Kiss Her Goodbye" is my second novel and will be published in the first half of next year by Hard Case Crime. Very different from "Two-Way Split".

> I hope you don't take
> offense at any of these questions, I'm just trying to
> clear up my TBR pile.
> Thanks for your time

My pleasure, Will. Thanks for asking.


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