RARA-AVIS: a blanc noir

From: dchandler ( dchandler@nettally.com)
Date: 19 May 2004

Dear Birds:

>>Al: "I'm off to try and track down that
>>most illusive subgenre, blanc noir."

>Kerry: "Ah yes, the one with the cold and snowy atmosphere, >frequently populated by hard-frozen characters uttering stiff >colloquialisms."

Sounds like The Thing (1951) to me!

Dark and sinister - check. (fits Jim's definition) cold and snowy - check. hard-frozen characters uttering stiff colloquialisms - check. a murder - check. (fits Jim's definition)

We needn't even consider whether anybody makes any bad choices (altho there are several, particularly from the scientist); whether anybody acts heroically (tho most of the players do - which would negate its noirish-ness for most of us); or style (there are plenty of stylistically noir flourishes).



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