Re: RARA-AVIS: Sinister Noir

From: Al Guthrie (
Date: 19 May 2004

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> What matters here is the role of the observer as reader. It
> could be said that, as part of the blanc-noir separative
> symbiosis, the subject is contextualized into a prematerial
> paradigm of consensus that includes noir as a totality.

As you point out, 'it could be said'. I would hope that it's not being said, since it's clearly nonsense. In coining the term "White Noir" (a precursor of 'blanc noir'), Duane Swierczynski pre-empts this very argument in his dissertation: Ken Bruen: Noir in Blanc and White. I quote:

"...the whole point is to sicken the soul... then uplift it! White Noir presses our faces into the gutter... but then gives us a hug afterward, and tells us everything's going to be okay."

Clearly, then, the role of observer as reader is inapposite. What matters is the role of reader as victim.


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