Re: RARA-AVIS: Sinister Noir

From: Mario Taboada (
Date: 18 May 2004

On the subject of blanc noir, I quote from my own book [1]:

A number of desublimations concerning the blancnoirist paradigm of context exist; frequently, the subject is interpolated into a Lyotardist narrative that includes truth as a whole. Hubbins uses the term 'bleak rationalism' to denote the purported effects of blancnoirism as an essential cause of the failure of classic noirist society, while suggesting, at the same time and with a not inconsiderable modicum of ironic skepticism, that the use of the blancnoirist paradigm of context to read inner city warfare is condemned to failure.

What matters here is the role of the observer as reader. It could be said that, as part of the blanc-noir separative symbiosis, the subject is contextualized into a prematerial paradigm of consensus that includes noir as a totality.

Does it matter that this totality is interstitial to a dominant status quo that both validates it and negates it?

I leave y'all with this vital question, which I trust will further, if not clarify, the definitional debate.

[1] Blancnoirism: Notes Towards an Aesthetic of Riffraff



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