RARA-AVIS: Noir Movies and Books

From: Bludis Jack ( buildsnburns@yahoo.com)
Date: 15 May 2004

Some of my opinions on the subjet:

"Pulp Fiction" was as noir as they get in my opinion. As was "Reservoir Dogs." I don't think there was a dark scene in "Dogs," but the subjects and their fate definitely put it in the noir category.

"Chinatown" is both hardboiled and noir.

"Devil in a Blue Dress," both book and movie are noir and hardboiled.

Pelecanos, for the most part, writes hardboiled fiction, sometimes with a noir twist.

Dennis Lahane's "Mystic River" both book and movie, noir.

If we get into this "it can't be film noir" because it's in color argument, we are defining staging, shading, and to a lesser degree, budget.

If we use the argument that it can't be film noir if produced after a certain date, we are probably talking about budgets as well.

Noir, whether book or film, is dark and sinister, and most often one or more of the main character is on a downward slide with the fates greasing the ride that started with a weakness of character.

I still say noir=screwed and hardboiled=tough for siplification purposes. I think the goes for books as well as movies.

It's fun to kick it around though. Among we at rara-avis, it sometimes seems to get as heated as religion or politics.

Jack Bludis

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