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Date: 15 May 2004

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> << There's was a marvellous panel at Bouchercon in Las Vegas with Eddie
> Muller, Con Lehane, Rudy Franchi and Marianne MacDonald. They had some
> great things to say including the quote from someone whose name I've
> forgotten, that noir is:
> "... when the character is "f***ed on page 1 and it doesn't get any
> better". That will do as a definition for me, as will Eddie's
> distinction between noir atmosphere and noir content.

I was at that panel. Eddie was the one who mentioned the quote. Those of you interested in further exploring a definition of noir (especially film noir) ought to check out his non-fiction work such as "Dark City." Eddie's a real prince. Great guy, very approachable, and loves to talk about this stuff as well.

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