Re: RARA-AVIS: Chandler's "Noir Feel" for LA (was Denise Hamilton)

Date: 13 May 2004


Re your response to my comment below:

> > "Noir" impplicitly means a story that falls into
> the
> > crime fiction genre. Wellman certainly wrote
> > mysteries. Is this story a mystery or a
> supernatural
> > horror story, or a cross-genre piece?
> Oh, I missed the crime fiction part of your
> definition, at least as in the
> post I was quoting from.

"Implicit" means clear without having to be explicitly stated. Since Rara-Avis is a list devoted to the discussion of crime fiction, specifically crime fiction falling into the hard-boiled/noir variety, it doesn't seem necessary to me to spell that out. When I see the question "What is noir?" or "What is nard-boiled?" I infer the phrase "in crime fiction" since crime fiction is the subject of the list. Similarly when I say "Noir is thus-and such" or
"Hard-boiled is thus and such" I assume that that it's clear I'm referring to crime fiction.


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