Re: RARA-AVIS: words you now can say on TV, at least on cable

From: E.Borgers (
Date: 06 May 2004


I have the dictionary "American Slang" by Robert L. Chapman, published by Harper Perennial, approx 500 pages, trade paperback format, 1996 edition. Its an Abridged from "The New Dictionary of American Slang", but I find it handy, quick and generally sufficiant for a daily use... and it gives dating or periods for most of the entries. For instance: fuck, as a verbal form, is said dating from the 1200s!

For detailed and more complete datings you have to go for historical dictionaries, I think.

Hope this helps.


Mark Sullivan

>I heard someone commenting on all of the "dirty words" on Deadwood. He
>wasn't disapproving, actually said he found them amusing, but claimed
>they were not historically accurate for the 1870s.
>Anyway, I was wondering if anyone had a slang dictionary that might
>gives dates for when these words entered the language.

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