From: Mbdlevin@aol.com
Date: 01 May 2004

Miker writes:

<< Also got Burrough's JUNKIE,
 which I'll probably read first since it's shorter. >>

I liked "Junkie" a lot -- more accessible (readable?) than other Burroughs' books that I've read. Not too h-b if I recall correctly, but a good slice of the life and the milieu.

I'll tell my brief "Junkie" story: I stayed up late finishing it, and then the next morning I had a (finalist) job interview. One of the interviewers asked, "What was the last book you read?" It was a financial institution with required drug test, etc., so I couldn't say "Junkie." I fumbled for an answer, which made me sound like I didn't read much and/or was a liar. The alternate title that popped out of my mouth (my previous read) was Jonathan Latimer's
"Lady in the Morgue." I didn't get the job.


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